Digital load cell C16i: precise weighing up to 60 tons

With the digital load cell C16i, heavy loads of up to 60 tonnes can be  weighed exactly, with accuracy class C3 and C4. Due to its precision and robust design, the C16i is suitable for bridge and truck scales or the level measurement of industrial containers.

For ideal data transmission, the measurement data is converted into a stable RS485 signal (4-wire) directly in the sensor. The digital technology of the C16i load cell considerably simplifies off-center load compensation. In addition, the load cell is self-sufficient for optimal load introduction. With protection class IP68 / IP69K, it is extremely robust. Thanks to the uniform design with the analogue load cell C16A, existing scales can be easily retrofitted. An ideal addition to the C16i is the digital weighing system DIS2116. As a digital measuring chain, both components provide the best data quality.

  • Accuracy class: C3 and C4
  • Maximum capacity: 20 t ... 60 t
  • Degrees of protection: IP68 and IP69K


  • Exact measurement results up to accuracy class C4
  • Easy off-center load compensation due to high nominal (rated) sensitivity (internally 1,000,000 parts)
  • A/D conversion directly in the load cell with RS485 output signal (4-wire)
  • Self-centering and self-restoring, with anti-rotation lock against movements around the Y-axis
white check mark in green circle

Easy to use, thanks to quick off-center load compensation


  • Legal-for-trade weighing system up to 4,000 parts
  • Uniform design for the analog version of the load cell, ideal for retrofitting
  • Available in 4 maximum capacities (20 t, 30 t, 40 t, 60 t)
  • Approved according to OIML R60 and other internationally accepted certifications
  • Standard cable with clearly visible red-color TPE-0 jacket; available up to 40 meters length, optionally with metal mesh. 
white check mark in green circle

Versatile to use with high precision and international certificates


  • Measuring body and housing made of stainless steel
  • Integrated overvoltage protection
  • EMC robust according to EN 45501 and EN 55011
  • With IP68 / IP69K resistant to permanent moisture and dirt
  • High permissible vibration load
  • Sound anti-rotation lock
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Resists long-term extreme conditions due to robust design

Accessories available

  • Thrust pieces
  • Weighing indicator (DIS2116)
  • Interface converter SC232/422B
  • Cables in different lengths  up to 40 m, also with metal mesh

For more information, please refer to the data sheet.



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