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Basics of Load Measurement

Preventive maintenance of weighing systems

Vague results – load cells of accuracy class C6 under test

Load application in load cells

Overload protection - good protection for load cells
Protecting load cells against overload is frequently achieved by over-dimensioning them. If the overload protection is actually achieved through this, no additional expenditure is necessary.

Cables and their impact on test and measurement equipment
The complete measuring chain needs to meet high quality standards. High demands should also be made on the measuring cables.

Dynamic Weighing

New standards in data security: 256-bit encryption technology in digital weighing technology

FIT7A Video Tutorial: Setting up a checkweigher
This video demonstrates how you get quick and precise results using the FIT7A digital load cell and the PanelX software by HBM.

Process and container weighing


Legal-for-trade weighing systems in open automation applications

Structural Design of Tank Weighing Systems
Some rules must be followed when installing load cells in tanks. Typical tank designs are represented in a stylized manner by way of example.

Hygienic weighing

No chance for bacteria or dirt
Modern weighing technology can be easily included in aseptic or hygienic production processes with the aseptic PW25 and PW27 load cells.

Hygienic design is mandatory

A clean business: Hygienic system design with HBM load cells

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