XY T Rosettes with 2 Measuring Grids for Analyzing Biaxial Stress States with Known Principal Directions

XY strain gauges of the T rosettes type have 2 measuring grids arranged at a 90° degree offset from each other. Typical applications for these strain gauges include analysis of a biaxial stress state with known principal directions as well as measurements on tension and compression bars.

With types XY1, XY3, XY7, XY9, XY10 we offer you a large selection of geometries and dimensions, each available with different temperature adaptations and different nominal (rated) resistances (120 and 350 ohms).

The measuring grid consists of constantan; the material of the measuring grid carrier is polyimide.

Further information regarding measurements with T rosettes is available in our brochure "Use of the Wheatstone Bridge Circuit" and in our specialist publication "An Introduction to Measurements Using Strain Gauges" .

XY3 strain gauges also come with a connection cable!

T-Rosette (2 grids)


Leads on left and right side


Stacked grid with leads


Standard strain gauge with solder tabs


Solder tabs with integrated strain relief


Common solder tabs

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