The Route to Measurement Transducers: The reference book from HBM for you to download

Transducers for measurement of mechanical quantities usually are based on tried and tested strain gauge (SG) technology. However, what should be taken into account when developing and producing strain gauge-based transducers?

Our 80-plus page reference book answers the most frequently asked questions regarding the production of transducers. It also provides you with many useful tips for working with strain gauges from HBM's K series.


  • The route to the measurement transducer
  • The design concept of the elastic element
  • The choice of strain gauges
  • The SG installation process
  • The circuit arrangement
  • Balancing and compensation measures
  • Measures to protect the SG installation

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HBM's A and U series strain gauges

HBM's A and U series strain gauges have been specially designed for use in transducer construction. They offer many practical benefits such as convenient stick-on technology and use of moisture resistant PEEKF material.

Strain gauges for transducer manufacturers

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