Bridge ISO 200 kS/s Data Acquisition Card (GN410)

The GEN DAQ Bridge ISO 200kS/s Input Card supports strain gage signal conditioners with voltage and current excitation. In sensor mode string pots, PT100 and other voltage or current excited sensors can be used. The card provides four channels of isolated balanced differential inputs from ± 2 mV to ± 10 V full scale with auto-zero capability. Every channel is equipped with an independent full range input amplifier, 7-pole Bessel and Butterworth anti-alias filter, 16-bit Analog-to-Digital converter operating at 200kS/s and several selections of digital filtering.

The on-board transient memory size is 16 Mega- Samples (128 Mega-Bytes). The memory is shared among enabled channels.

Each channel also features two set-points for trigger or alarm purposes. Extensive acquisition and trigger modes allow many different ways to capture valuable data even at the highest sample rates. All channels are synchronously sampled at full speed without multiplexing and almost immeasurable crosstalk. The model uses standard isolated BNC connectors, whose shells are connected to isolated ground. The inputs are 10 MOhm impedance and are compatible with isolated probes and current clamps.

Key Features

  • Quarter, half and full bridge support
  • String pots, PT100 and other voltage or current excited sensors supported in sensor mode
  • 4 analog channels
  • Balanced differential inputs
  • ± 2 mV to ± 10 V input range
  • 50 V DC Isolation
  • User selectable digital Bessel and FIR filters
  • 200kS/s sample rate
  • 16 bit resolution
  • 128 MB memory
  • 16 pin LEMO for each channel

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