High-Speed 100 MS/s Input Card (GN412)

For ultra fast signals, the High-Speed 25 MS/s and 100 MS/s Input Cards are equipped with four channels sampling at incredibly high speed. With selectable anti-aliasing filtering and 14-bit (100 MS/s) or 15-bit resolution (25 MS/s), these inputs turn the GEN series into an extremely fast transient recorder. Enhanced resolution mode increases input resolution for both models to 16-bit at lower speeds. The inputs feature a fully differential amplifier offering good common mode rejection and enabling off ground measurements.

Key Features

  • 4 analog channels
  • Balanced differential inputs
  • ± 20 mV to ± 100 V input ranges
  • User selectable digital Bessel IIR filters
  • 100 MS/s sample rate
  • 14/16 resolution
  • 2 GByte memory
  • Metal BNC inputs for each channel

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