Would you like to safely carry out measurements in environments with electrical and magnetic interference and achieve precise results?

Undisturbed measurements, from a safe distance, are only possible by means of galvanic isolation. In addition, ground loops are prevented thus increasing measurement accuracy. Measurement and transmission systems with fiber-optic isolation offer a convenient means of countering the problem of long signal lines in difficult electromagnetic environments.

The ISOBE5600 product range from HBM comprises a transmission system as well as a measurement system with integrated fiber-optic isolation. Both systems fully satisfy demands for safety, a large bandwidth and measurement accuracy.

ISOBE5600 Transient Recorder

Measurement system with integrated optical isolation

Measurements for certification and research purposes demand the highest possible accuracy. The ISOBE5600 transient recorder’s integrated fiber-optic isolation perfectly suits it for applications requiring such high levels of precision.

In addition to a transmitter unit, the ISOBE5600 transient recorder comprises the ISOBE5600m receiver unit with integrated memory for data acquisition, as well as Perception measurement and analysis software. The transmitter and receiver are connected by fiber-optic cable. Either the battery-powered ISOBE5600t (high voltage) or the line-powered (mains-powered) ISOBE5600tm (medium voltage) with isolated power supply (1.8 kV isolation) can be used for transmission.

Maximum measuring accuracy and fast data analysis

The transmitter, positioned in close proximity to the test object, performs the signal A/D conversion, and the digital transmission of measurement data via optical fiber. By means of the integrated memory in the receiver and the USB interface, digital measurement data can be directly forwarded to a PC where it can be evaluated using Perception. An analog reconversion is no longer necessary. This helps to minimize measurement uncertainties, such as signal drift, noise and EMC problems. The ISOBE5600 transient recorder thereby offers maximum isolation and the highest precision.

Large bandwidth

The ISOBE5600 transient recorder provides the user with 9 measurement ranges from ± 100 mV to ± 50 V. A high bandwidth is achieved due to the elimination of the analog output stage. The bandwidth of 25 MHz not only covers applications with DC signals or power line (mains) frequencies, but also applications involving high clock-rate switching power supply and motor controls.

Installation - the entire measurement chain from a single source

All settings and overall parameters are carried out in Perception. A maximum of four transmitters can be connected via fiber-optic cables to the ISOBE5600m receiver unit. Perception only communicates with one receiver and thus offers one to four channels. With all system components - transmitter, receiver and Perception software from a single source - you profit from finely matched measurement technology across the entire measurement chain.

Your benefits

  • Higher accuracy
  • Good price/performance ratio for systems with 1 to 4 channels
  • Secure data transmission via optical fiber
  • Battery-powered or line-powered (mains-powered) transmitter
  • Minimizes measurement problems, like ground loops, long signal lines, random signals
  • Higher bandwidth through elimination of analog output stage
  • Integration of isolation and data acquisition in one system
  • Measurement equipment from a single source.

Additional advantage: The ISOBE5600 transient recorder can also be used similarly to an ISOBE5600 isolation system, i.e. as a pure transmission system.

Replacement for SIGMA100HV

Are you using a SIGMA100HV unit for high voltage impulse testing (lightning impulse, switching impulse)? The ISOBE5600 transient recorder is the perfect solution for high-voltage applications, and is therefore the ideal replacement for SIGMA100HV.

In addition, the optional HV-IA (high-voltage impulse analysis) Perception software module is tailor-made for HV applications.

Perception: Software for high speed data acquisition

Perception is a modularly structured software package for high speed measurement data acquisition and it accomplishes all tasks in the measurement sequence:

  • Control of measuring instrumentation
  • Recording and playback of measurements
  • Analysis and report generation. Learn more about Perception

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