First-Hand eDrive Experience: At a University or at Your Premises

We invite you to experience the eDrive system in action: on the experimental test bench at our partner university in your vicinity or at your premises. This day enables you to simulate tests on the eDrive model, discuss your application’s particular requirements with our experts, and clarify open questions.


Type your email address in the adjacent field, and use the comment field to send us a short message to let us know which of the below options you are interested in. Are you interested in 

  • a visit to a university,
  • a visit by us, or
  • a personal phone call?
  • We will contact you shortly.


  • At one of our partner universities in your vicinity.
  • Or at your premises.


  • We will contact you to schedule a date!

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Meet eDrive: Take the Chance to Experience it Live

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