LB11 & TB21: Strain Gauges for Measurements in Screws and Bolts

Bolts are a common construction element used to connect various components. The LB11 and TB21 series of cylindric strain gauges with lead wires, have especially been designed to measure strain, force, and vibration in bolts, screws, and other axial construction elements. 

They have been equipped with copper leads and can be used directly in pre-drilled bolt elements. For this, a 2 mm drilling in the structure is required. Both, LB11 and TB21, come as a tubular strain gauge that can be used in a temperature range of –200°C to +140°C.

  • The LB11 has a linear measuring grid in the strain direction. It is suitable for quarter-bridge applications and has a resistance of 120 Ω. Buy LB11 now                                         
  • The TB21 has two measuring grids positioned in a 90° angle. It is designed as a half-bridge, which allows a particularly good temperature compensation even in fluctuating temperature conditions. The resistance of the strain gauge is 1000 Ω (+/- 1%).  Buy TB21 now                                                                                                                                             



  • Used for nominal drillings of 2 mm
  • Cylinder height: 11.5 mm
  • Measuring grid: 3 mm

Facilitates strain, force, and vibration measurements in the most confined spaces.


  • Comes with temperature response compensation for steel
  • Resistance: 120 Ω (LB11) / 1000 Ω (TB21)
  • Used for 5% (positive and negative) strain

Ideally matched to the needs of the measurement application.

Immediately available

  • Available, in stock
  • Equipped with 60 mm copper leads

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Typical Applications

Axial Forces


Dynamic loads (vibration)

Learn how to install LB11 or TB21


The installation of cylindric strain gauges in bolts differs from conventional installations on flat surfaces.

Watch this video and learn how to integrate this special gauge in a screw.


Want to know more about strain gauge installation? Click here!


Technical Features

 Types available with immediate deliveryNominal (rated) resistance Dimensions [mm/inch]Soldering terminal
Measuring gridCarrier -
1-LB11-3/120ZW 12035611.5 

Product Literature

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