HBM's range of strain gauges, transducers and data acquisition instrumentation and software provide you with the premiere standard measurement platform for automotive testing.

Special know-how and many years of experience in the field of measurement technology and, in particular, the automotive industry make HBM the logical partner for automotive test engineers.

We are one of the few global suppliers of complete measuring chains and data acquisition systems; from sensors and transducers through signal processing to analysis and visualization software. HBM's products set accuracy standards in the fields of mechanics, simulation, analysis and factory automation.

Research and Development

Advanced testing solutions for use in test stands for data recording and mobile data acquisition.

Production Control

Measurement solutions for production and quality monitoring in the automotive industry.

HBM Testing Solutions

  • Torque, angle and rotational speed
  • Mechanical power and efficiency
  • Pressure and flow
  • Temperature
  • Strain, force, vibration

Our solution: QuantumX and SomatXR data acquisition systems, catman, T12HP and T40B Torque Transducers7

  • Currents and voltages
  • Electric power and efficiency
  • Flux and d, q currents
  • Engine map
  • Winding temperatures
  • Torque

Our solution: eDrive Testing

  • Durability Engineering

Our solution:ReliaSoft, nCode

  • Durability testing

Our solution: Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors, strain gauge, QuantumX, catman

  • Compact and robust amplifiers and recorders
  • Easy-to-use software

Our solution: QuantumX, SomatXR, catman

  • Extreme sensitivity despite of high preload

Our solution: QuantumX

  • Voltages and currents
  • DC power, energy
  • Cell temperatures
  • Control signals (CAN, XCP on CCP)

Our solution: QuantumX, Genesis HighSpeed and eDrive Testing

  • Currents and voltages
  • Input and output power, efficiency
  • d, q currents
  • Temperature
  • Control signals (CAN, XCP on CCP)

Our solution: eDrive Testing

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QuantumX - 結構緊湊的通用資料獲取系統
通用 DAQ 系統 能夠為你的測試和測量增加價值: 來自 HBM的 QuantumX. 頂級資料獲取水準: 小巧, 快速, 通用.
eDrive Testing: 电动汽车测试
PMX 資料獲取和控制系統
MP85A FASTpress
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