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HBM Benelux Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

The Benelux branch of Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik (HBM), the German manufacturer of measurement transducers, equipment, and software for data acquisition, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

HBM Benelux officially began operations on 1 April 1993 in Nieuwegein, offering the sale and servicing of the HBM solutions in the Benelux. Its German parent company (Darmstadt) has been in business for over 65 years.

HBM supplies test and measurement solutions, from sensor to software, for industrial processes and test laboratories. The company develops and manufactures measuring sensors to measure physical quantities such as pressure, weight, torque, and force as well as a number of modular data acquisition systems under the Genesis HighSpeed, QuantumX, SoMat, PMX, and ClipX brands.

In addition, HBM develops software for the processing and visualization of measurement data under the names Catman, nCode, and Perception. The sensors, the data acquisition systems, and the software are all compatible with a wide range of applications in various industries. HBM's systems are used, among other things, in research institutes, in the automotive, metal, processing, and shipbuilding industries, in machines, aircrafts, and robots, and in offshore and the agricultural sector.

HBM Benelux was founded in 1993 in Nieuwegein. With the acquisition of the Genesis HighSpeed product line in 2009, the R&D branch of Genesis in Dongen was incorporated in HBM. In October 2011, HBM Benelux moved office space to a new building on Schutweg in Waalwijk, where both the sales and service departments of HBM and the R&D activities of HBM’s Genesis HighSpeed division were housed and operated. Approximately, 35 employees are currently working in the building.

HBM Benelux may count renowned research institutes, machine builders, aircraft companies, and the automotive industry among its customers, including names such as Bosch, Siemens, CNH, DAF Trucks, Goodyear, Kema, DEKRA Certification, Marin, Philips, and TNO.

In 2016, HBM Benelux became an organizational part of the Northwest European region, which also included the Great Britain and Scandinavia. The daily management of the Northwest European division lies in the hands of director Ben Keetman, one of the founders of HBM Benelux. The application of test and measurement solutions have become so complex, that not all regions can individually have all the in-house expertise. Thanks to the clustering of these countries, HBM Benelux can now benefit from the vast knowledge and experience gained in Northern Europe, along with the monitoring of larger objects in not only wind energy and oil and gas extraction for example, but also tunnels, bridges, and other infrastructure projects.

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