Each HBK sales engineer is much more than just a sales contact. They are your assistant in determining what type of equipment best suits your needs. They are your technical expert who can answer all your questions or demonstrate any HBM (a brand of HBK) product for your team. And they are your customer service representative who you can contact anytime you have questions or need assistance. HBK takes pride in the blend of technical expertise and interpersonal skills of each of our sales engineers.

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OEM and Custom Sensors

Sensors for weighing, medical, industrial and other applications

Test and Measurement

For data acquisition systems, software and torque transducers

Hottinger Bruel & Kjaer Inc.

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Tel: +1 800-578-4260
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Sales Email: [email protected]
Support Email: [email protected]

聯繫我們 如果您希望與HBM聯繫,無論是技術問題還是希望進行商務合作或者是產品諮詢,我們都將為您服務