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U10F Tensile-compressive Force Transducer: Capacities Ranging from 50 kN to 1.25 MN

Like the proven U10M and C10 transducers, the especially low-profile force transducers of the U10F series use the shear force transducer measurement principle to enable them to achieve the same outstanding accuracy and small displacement as their sister models. This makes the U10F load cells suitable for acquiring fast, dynamic force trends and static forces.

The sensors are hermetically welded and made of stainless steel. Flange connections on both sides allow for installation, which significantly facilitates the process compared to sensors with central threads. For this purpose, HBK offers screw sets with a coated finish for corrosion protection. At the same time, the coating ensures a uniform and low coefficient of friction so that no greasing or oiling of the screws is required.

Various practical configurations enable the U10F, like its sister models, U10M and C10, to be flexibly adapted to the measurement task.


  • Benchmark precision 
  • TCzero of only 150 ppm/10 K
  • Low linearity error (0.035 – 0.05% depending on the capacity)
  • Very low hysteresis (0.04 – 0.05 % depending on the capacity)

Ensure cost-effectiveness by investing today in the accuracy that will be required tomorrow. Precision means a larger measurement range. Perform more measurement tasks using the same sensor.

Robust and durable

  • Made from stainless steel, IP68 degree of protection (with cable option)
  • High overload reserves
  • High fatigue strength even when the measurement range is fully utilized in alternating tension/compression mode
  • Vibration, shock and EMC tested in compliance with international guidelines

The U10F is reliable. Climatic and EMC testing at HBK ensures failsafe operation even under difficult conditions.

Easy-to-install and adaptable

  • Easy installation using screw connections – you only need a torque wrench
  • High-strength, corrosion-resistant screws are available as a mounting kit (including detailed information on maximal parasitic forces and moments)
  • Practical configuration options, for example, double bridge, various plug and cable options, TEDS, etc.

Fast and reliable installation using standard tools. Clear specification of the mechanical load capacity in practical use.


Extensive range of accessories:

  • Screw sets
  • Thrust pieces
  • Connection cables

You will find more information in the data sheet.

Video: Installation of a U10F force sensor

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