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Electric Motors 201 for Noise and Vibration Engineers

This webinar has been recorded and was originally held on April 14, 2021.

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With the transition from internal combustion to electric motor propulsion, noise and vibration engineers need to expand their understanding of electric motor technology. In this webinar, we will provide a deeper dive into the technology used in modern electric vehicles.  The webinar will include:

  • Quick review of Induction and Synchronous Motors
  • Introduction to Switched Reluctance Motors
  • Control circuitry and algorithms used to power electric motors
  • Noise mechanisms of electric motors – torque ripple, shell vibration, power electronics
  • Why electric vehicles are more than electrically powered ICE vehicles

While this webinar is geared towards engineers, it is also suitable for non-engineering professionals interested in the subject matter.

Mitch Marks

Business Development Manager – eDrive Testing


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Ed Green

Ph.D., Principal Staff Engineer, HBK Engineering Services


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