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Structural Integrity Testing of Lightweight Structures

In the pioneering days of aviation, mechanical structures such as aircraft fuselages and wings were made from natural materials, for example wood. In the decades that followed, metals such as titanium, aluminum or a wide variety of alloys were used almost exclusively, increasing the stiffness/toughness-to-weight ratio.

With today's growing awareness of the impact of emissions on the environment, new material and design approaches, offering better performance at lower weight are constantly being developed and introduced. Being lighter, thus increasing efficiency, is now an important issue not only for aircraft, but for everything that moves, such as wind turbines, cars, trains, sporting equipment. 

The new lightweight structures place completely new requirements on structural integrity testing – both in simulation as well as physical testing. Assessing characteristics of materials, which often show a large scatter and more complex geometries is still a new playground for test engineers.

Are you interested to learn more about lightweight structures and how to cope with them? Explore our HBK Expert Dialog 'Mechanical Structures on a Diet' and dive into the new approaches and technologies and the impact of lightweight structures on our daily lives, and learn how to perform mechanical testing.

Structural Integrity Testing Solutions for Lightweight Structures

Owing to the seamless measurement chain of simulation tools for virtual testing, sensors, data acquisition hardware and software and analysis software, the complete validation process for the fatigue strength of materials and structures can be carried out with products from Hottinger Brüel & Kjær. The HBK toolchain helps you from design concept to virtual testing, integration, and physical testing.

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  • Integration of QuantumX into Zwick Test or any other test machine
  • Digital image correlation in parallel to tactile strain sensors by easy integration of GOM Aramis system
  • Bidirectional communication with load control systems

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