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IPM interface for MP85A amplifiers

A free IPM process data management software interface is available for MP85A DP FASTpress and MP85A-S EASYswitch amplifiers. The interface enables recorded production data to be transmitted directly to a QS server for visualization and archiving; this makes production control more convenient.

IPM stands for Integrated Processdata Management and denotes a software that automatically captures physical process and measurement data and, in addition, provides reporting for production and quality assurance. Whether in production monitoring at production sites or in test benches - access to clearly presented data about productivity, down time and setup time as well as product and manufacturing quality saves costs; this has been proven by an ROI calculation (Return on investment).

Convenient and extensive data transmission

The IPM interface enables measured values and complete curves as well as up to 9 (evaluation) windows to be transmitted. IPM communicates both the overall status of the production process and the individual status of the respective evaluation window. The production process and utilization of capacities including down time can be analyzed in detail without the necessity of actually being on site at the assembly line or the press-fit system.

Measurement data in real time

Measurement data is provided in real time via the Web browser and permanently saved to the IPM database to comply with product liability requirements. In addition, IPM also monitors the captured process and measurement data in real time; this enables, for example, production defects to be easily detected. Whether by SMS or by email - staff in charge of production is automatically notified of any error message. Fast error logging enables the product quality to be increased; costs resulting from product recalls, on the other hand, are reduced.

Assuring quality and reducing costs - benefit from the advantages of the IPM interface!

Your benefits

  • Instant quality assessment
  • Reduced down time and costs
  • Fast error logging
  • Automatic notification
  • Integrated archiving

Your advantages with IPM