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TB1A 扭矩比對測量盤採用HBM的專利技術-剪應力扭矩測量


簡單,節省空間是TB1A 扭矩比對測量盤的一大特點.在很多情況下,感測器需要需要支撐驅動設備的重量,因此,需要購買軸承.

TB1A 扭矩比對測量盤的另一特點,是其中心孔,可以讓測量軸直接通過測量盤。


  • High accuracy and linearity with a low hysteresis of up to 0.05%
  • Available in 7 nominal maximum torque capacities (100 Nm, 200 Nm, 500 Nm, 1 kNm, 2 kNm, 5 kNm, 10 kNm)
  • Central bore allows the axial movement of the shaft
  • Extremely flat design with very small space requirements and a maximum installation length of 69 mm

Wide range of applications thanks to the flat design and central bore

High stiffness

  • High rotational, bending and transverse stiffness
  • Dynamic measurement characteristics and high natural frequency
  • Extremely small design saves space in the test bench

High torsional, transverse, and bending stiffness for efficient use

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Accessories available

  • Connector mounting
  • Factory-made cable extension
  • Cable extensions, length from 10m

Further information can be found in the data sheet.


TB1A Product Literature

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