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Four weeks without recharging: Mobile wireless scales demonstrate endurance

The new mobile wireless scale from S+P Wägetechnik GmbH remains operational for four weeks – without recharging. This compares with previous average usage times of several days because of the limits of the batteries. This success is due to the innovative ideas and clever design of S+P, combined with the know-how and experience of HBM.

Mobile wireless scales are used in loading processes with loading cranes or skip loaders. The mechanical scales are totally self-contained without connection to the on-board supply network. The measured data is transmitted wirelessly. S+P GmbH is the specialist for mobile, verified scales. The company has been supplying scales for over 20 years now for use on industrial vehicles, e.g. silo-placing units, tank trailers, skip loaders or cranes. Such mobile scales enable demand-driven loading and unloading of vehicles and optimal utilization of the fleet, reducing operating costs.

Wireless and easy to retrofit

Fleet operators receive verified, grade III mobile wireless scales from S+P, scales that can be easily and rapidly installed on the vehicles. The customer can install the wireless scales themselves within two to three hours, reducing the downtime of the vehicle to a minimum. As the scale has already been verified prior to delivery, it is immediately ready for operation once it has been installed. In addition, the system can be detached at any time and installed on a different vehicle.

S+P has introduced two new compact and service-friendly wireless scale systems to the market with the SPF1990DS model for skip loaders and the SPF2009K model for loading cranes. They are robust and legal for trade as well as being also easy to install and can be retrofitted in just three steps. Both wireless scale systems impress with their manipulation safety, user-friendliness and the possibility of weighing and billing on site.

Manipulation-safe, verified scales from HBM

The requirements for scales in goods weighing are high. They must not only be verified, they must also have a manipulation-safe construction and provide seamless documentation. HBM has both the technology and the products to build verified, manipulation-safe wireless scales with encrypted data transmission – entirely in compliance with the EU MID directive requirements (WELMEC 7.2). In addition, the HBM firmware includes a special power management system for energy saving, enabling longer battery operating times, an advantage that profits S+P. Approval for PTB scale class III is also available.

Legal for trade scales - with weighing technology from HBM

Up to 24 load cells can be connected to the DIS2116 digital weighing electronics. The measured data are digitalized by the integrated AD104C amplifier. The firmware contains all components for safe, encrypted wireless operation.