Analog Charge Amplifier PACEline CMA: Measure Signals from 1000 to 5 Million pC

The compact analog charge amplifier PACEline CMA converts signals from all piezoelectric sensors into a +/- 10V standard signal. Due to this, it can be used for many measurement tasks involved in production, e.g. joining processes, press applications, or assembly monitoring.

Simple and secure handling, absolute reliability and a good price-performance ratio are the outstanding features of this product. Integrated into the piezoelectric force measuring chain "HBM PACEline", the analogue charge amplifier CMA enables reliable measurement results in very short set-up times.

  • Accuracy class: 0.5
  • A measuring range of 1000 .. 5.000.000pC (pico-Coulomb) is available, depending on the version being used
  • Two calibrated measuring ranges 100% and 20%
  • The signal inputs and outputs are galvanically insulated.

High dynamics

  • Fixed measuring ranges depending on the model -  from 1000 to 5,000,000 pC
  • 2 calibrated measuring ranges per model 100% and 20%
  • Accuracy is always guaranteed, even with small partial load ranges (accuracy class 1%)

Achieve safe and trouble-free data acquisition of your piezo sensors - with high resolution.

Easy integration

  • Process integration by +/- 10V standard output signal
  • All signal inputs and outputs are galvanically isolated
  • Parallel connection can be established between several sensors through a summing box

Quickly installed in the control cabinet - without additional insulation elements. The standard output signal can be read on all automation systems.


  • Suitable for all piezoelectric sensors
  • Compact, small design
  • Safe operation thanks to stable metal housing
  • Suitable for field and laboratory use due to protection class IP65

Gain flexibility in the setup of different piezo measuring chains - for piezo sensors from any manufacturer.

Download the CAD step files for this product!
PACEline CMA CAD step files

The complete piezo measurement chain

At HBM, we provide you all components for your piezo measurement chain from one single source. You have access to the following: 

  • Matching piezoelectric sensors with cables and accessories
  • Summing box for parallel switching of piezo sensors
  • ePLAN macros available free of charge

PACEline Piezo Accessories

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