X60 是一種雙組分的快幹黏合劑,包括液體 (B) 和粉末 (A). 調配非常容易; 調配匙包含在貨物中。典型的應用包括: 低溫,多孔材料,以及用於保護電纜.
交貨: 不同規格的可重新蓋起的包裝. 單個也可交付.

  • 1-X60* 100g 成分A, 2x40ml 成分 B
  • 1-X60-NP* 400g 成分 A, 2x200 ml 成分 B
  • 1-X60/A 100g 成分 A 1-X60/B 2x40ml 成分 B
  • 1-X60-NP/A 400g 成分 A
  • 1-X60-NP/B 2x200ml 成分 B

1-X60 和1-X60NP 包含以下應變片安裝附件:

  • 調配匙
  • 攪拌棒
  • 玻璃紙
  • 劑量匙
  • 手冊和安全資料表


  • 漿糊狀
  • 在粗糙表面依然可以使用

Soon with an enhanced formula

X60 in an enhanced formula is free of dicyclohexyl phthalate (CAS 84-61-7).
Available from December 2018. The product specifications and product handling remain unchanged.

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The following are two types of complete packages available:

  • 1-X60: 100 g component A, 2 x 40 ml component B. Enough for about 100 strain gauges*
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  • 1-X60-NP: 400 g component A, 2 x 200 ml component B. Enough for about 400 strain gauges*
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Both complete packages already include the accessories required for strain gauge installation—stirring containers, stirrers, cellophane foil, measuring spoon, operating manual and safety data sheets. *The specified quantities are approximate recommended values only, as adhesive consumption also partly depends on the size of the strain gauges being used.

Individual components:

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