PW25: 極易清洗的荷重感測器: 保證荷重衛生安全 PW25: 極易清洗的荷重感測器: 保證荷重衛生安全 | HBM

PW25 Load Cell: Hygienic Weighing Up To 20 kg

The PW25 provides extremely precise weights for food weighing up to 20 kg (accuracy class C3). With space-saving construction and market-compliant dimensions, the PW25 is easy to use in weigh fillers, multi-head combination weighers and for traditional weighing tasks. The PW25 load cell with IP rating IP69K features extraordinary tightness. Integrated overload protection ensures an overload stability of 1000% the maximum capacity.

In addition it is easy to clean, which makes it especially suitable for hygienically critical applications in the food industry such as filling containers of milk, baby food and yogurt. The load cell is also optionally available as the PW25P with a connector plug for even faster integration.

  • Accuracy class: C3 multirange
  • Maximum capacities: 10 kg, 20 kg
  • Degree of protection: IP68/IP69K


  • Accuracy class C3 multirange (equivalent to scale class III)
  • Legal for trade weighing systems up to 10,000 divisions
  • Integrated encapsulated overload protection up to 1000 % of maximum capacity

Precise measurement results with protected, premium strain gauge load cell technology


  • Hermetically sealed load cell made of smooth, high-grade stainless steel
  • Each load cell is individually verified to IP rating IP68 and is resistant to long-term moisture and dirt
  • Type-tested to IP69K by VDE Testing Institute
  • Resistant to aggressive chemical cleaning agents

Can also be used in hygienically sensitive applications thanks to rugged easy-to-clean construction


  • Space-saving small design
  • Approved in accordance with OIML R60
  • Standard dimensions for easy integration (PW15)
  • Accessories including connection cable with plug (for version PW25P)
  • Connection adapter for cable protection system
  • Sealable plug connection

Versatile applications thanks to easy integration and matching accessories

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Also available with flexible cable connection

Available as: 

  • Type PW25 with fixed cable connection
  • Type PW25-P with connector for the hygienic and easy exchange of cables

Also available: 

  • Cable with connector 1-KAB175-x-1 (x=3/6m), hygienic cabling material, IP68/IP69K
  • Cable with connector 1-KAB168-x: (x=5/20m) IP67

Further information can be found in the data sheet. 

Proven PW15 Footprint: One Size, Many Possibilities


Load Cell SP4M

Load Cell PW15A

Load Cell PW15AH

Load Cell PW25


Validated C6 Quality

Rugged, made of stainless steel

Manufactured in highest protection class possible IP68/IP69K

Easy to clean and manufactured in highest protection class possible IP68/IP69K



Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel



Dust, liquids

Humid and aggressive air

Humid and aggressive liquids, high demands on cleanliness

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