Upcoming Webinars

HBM offers free live and recorded webinars presented by our industry experts, covering a wide range of topics. Our webinars are available at different times around the world - register now for these webinars during a time that best fits your schedule. We look forward to seeing you online. 

Determine Measurement Uncertainties

  Thursday, January 28, 2021       17:00 CET | 10:00 AM CT | 11:00 AM ET       online

This webinar gives an overview of the specification of a power analyzer and highlights some potential and common misunderstandings. 

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Power Analyzer Solution - Live Demo Sessions

  Monthly Live Demo Sessions    

In our monthly live demos, we will guide you through the requirements of electric power testing and power analysis. We will guide you through the hardware and software included in our eDrive power analyzer solution and answer all your questions. See you online!

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Webinars by Brüel & Kjær (part of HBK)

BK Connect How to Series: Managing Your Data

  Tuesday, December 01, 2020       20:00 PM  CET      online

Test Results hold an enormous value, and our ability to find, compare and report the correct data at any time is crucial. Traditional methods used for managing data typically rely on a folder/subfolder/long-file-name structure, which is inefficient and hard to maintain. In this webinar we will explore the highly effective data management tools available in BK Connect. We will cover functionality such as: data labeling, backup and restore, sorting and filtering, analyzing, and reporting.

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B&K 2245 Sound Level Meter Introduction

  Tuesday, December 01, 2020       11:00 AM  CET      online

B&K 2245 is the latest in our range of iconic sound level meters providing a complete solution for basic noise measurements, while combining functionality, ease-of-use and versatility with the reliability and confidence that is ensured with the Brüel & Kjær brand. Join this webinar to learn more!

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BK Connect How to Series: Displaying Your Data

  Thursday, December 03, 2020       20:00 PM  CET      online

Displaying results from a test is an important step in the post-processing workflow. This webinar will discuss best practices for displaying results (both two-dimensional and three-dimensional plots)  in BK Connect before sending them off to a final report. Items that will be covered in this webinar: Types of Display Elements; Key Display Element Properties; Data Grouping; Data Presentation Options; Sending Displays to Reports (Word, Excel, & PPT).

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Selection and Use of Measurement Microphones

  Tuesday, December 08, 2020       20:00 PM  CET      online

Microphones are relatively simple transducers, converting pressure variations into electrical signals.  The requirements of accurate and repeatable measurement of sound, requires specialized transducers and instrumentation. This webinar will explore the criterion, characteristics and the limitations of measurement microphones and their associated electronics in varying measurement scenarios.

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Working with Accelerometers – Selection, placement

  Thursday, December 10, 2020       20:00 PM  CET      online

This presentation provides an introduction to accelerometer design and selection, mounting techniques and best placement.  The discussion will cover traceable calibration vs field validation, and touches the topic of signal conditioning.  This presentation provides an overview of important factors to consider when using accelerometers for vibration measurement.

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Additional Webinars by HBM Prenscia

HBM Prenscia webinars delivered by nCode and ReliaSoft experts.

Applying Statistical and Reliability Techniques

  Wednesday, December 2, 2020       10:00 AM ET/3:00 PM GMT/4:00 PM CET      online

Predicting battery life is difficult, and detailed physics-based models may not capture significant cell-to-cell variation that influences failure behavior in the field. Using reliability analysis techniques, we can characterize this variation and even control for important factors like temperature or depth-of-discharge in order to analyze their impact on battery life. In this webinar, we’ll discuss these challenges and how they can be addressed using ReliaSoft Weibull++.

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