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HBM Force Transducers at Promess: Quality Assurance in Production

Promess GmbH relies on HBM strain gauge based and piezoelectric force transducers during the production of electromechanical press components.

A partner for measuring static and dynamic forces

Promess is a leading manufacturer of high-quality servo presses for the assembly and automation industry. The company develops and sells high-grade standard components and complete technologies providing solutions for complex and individual mounting and testing tasks. The product range also covers electromechanical presses that are used in the assembly and automation industry as an alternative to hydraulic, pneumatic and pneumo-hydraulic systems. Promess universal assembly modules feature integrated force-displacement monitoring to enable the production quality to be optimally monitored.

The force transducer that perfectly matches any application

In general, the numerical control unit's position feedback or linear measurement systems are used as displacement measurement system in the production of the assembly modules. Fitting forces are measured in the direct force flow and acquired using strain gage sensors or piezoelectric transducers from HBM's PACEline family. Strain gage sensors enable static forces to be measured. Piezoelectric sensors, on the other hand, prove the ideal solution for processes involving small forces. They are extremely rigid, offer outstanding overload protection and compact size.

HBM's PACEline family has proven the ideal solution for measuring small forces; due to the sensors' favorable sensitivity value of 7.7 pC/N a stable signal is provided for monitoring and evaluation. HBM's portfolio always offers the right sensor for every application, be it a strain-gage or piezoelectric force transducer.

Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Lechler, Managing Director of Promess Gesellschaft für Montage- und Prüfsysteme mbH

The customer

PROMESS is a Berlin-based global provider of solutions for assembly and test systems, specialized in the development and production of gauging equipment and software applications tailored towards individual customer requirements. The product portfolio ranges from ergonomically designed manual gauging stations to fully automatic post-process stations, with a special emphasis on quality assurance.

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