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Force transducer U10M for HORIBA's vehicle test stand VULCAN

The HORIBA Group is one of the world's leading providers of automotive testing systems. HORIBA faced a particular challenge during the development of their vehicle test bench VULCAN: How do you achieve the highest accuracy during the measurement of torque - and still ensure an attractive price/performance ratio?

International exhaust emission regulations specify standardized driving cycles which can be run on vehicle test benches such as e.g. the "Vulcan" from HORIBA – with the aim of evidencing the performance, emission and consumption patterns of the vehicle. The test bench uses drives to simulate realistic loads such as slopes, inclines or level roads.

HORIBA's vehicle test bench VULCAN

HORIBA's vehicle test bench VULCAN has just one motor per axle, located between the drive rollers. The result is shorter shafts and therefore an improved dynamic behavior. The torque of an axle is recorded via a single force transducer, with the reaction torque of the motor imparting the force to the force transducer via a lever.

A key factor for reproducible results here is the most accurate determination of the torque on the drive. The accuracy of the entire system is dependent on the metrological properties of the transducer used because the torque is a product of force times lever arm. If the results of the transducer are imprecise, the meaningfulness of the entire test on the vehicle test bench could be in question.

HORIBA therefore places maximum value on maximum accuracy, far better than 0.1% – and finally found the route to success in a simple and clever modification of the measurement process. In addition to a constructive modification, the use of the U10M HBM force transducer helped with the breakthrough.

The force transducer U10M is thereby calibrated in the application, where its excellent reproducibility is an advantage. The U10M has a vibration bandwidth of 200% maximum capacity and works reliably in dynamic operation up to the nominal force. Manufactured from rustless material and protected to IP67, the U10M - HORIBA impresses with its dynamic properties, reliability and precision.

The example shows: Every test bench is only as good as the measurement technology used in it. The accuracy and reliability of measurement results from the transducer used is decisive for the meaningfulness of the tests carried out at a later date. With a wide product portfolio, ranging from sensors to measurement electronics to software, HBM offers solutions for all types of tasks and enables better results in test benches.

U10M force transducer

The U10M is a force transducer for determining static and dynamic tensile and compressive forces. It is available in nine nominal (rated) measuring ranges from 0... 1.25 kN, 2.5 kN, 5 kN, 12.5 kN, 25 kN, 50 kN, 125 kN, 250 kN and 500 kN. Through the numerous options, ranging from a double bridge version, selection of calibration parameters and connector selection, the U10M force transducer can be ideally matched to the test task.