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Engine Test Benches: HBM Reference Transducers Ensure Reliable Measurement Results in Automated Calibration Systems

The reference transducers TB2 from HBM guarantee highly accurate measurement results in a novel torque calibration system for engine test benches.

TB2 reference transducers from HBM guarantee highly accurate measurement results in a new type of torque calibration system for engine test benches. The TORQCAL system from HORIBA Automotive Test Systems makes fully-automatic calibration with high reproducibility a possibility, whilst simultaneously improving accuracy. The low setup and calibration times help to benefit efficiency and save time in engine development.

Ensuring that calibration in the TORQCAL system is safe and accurate are TB2 reference transducers from HBM. These ensure traceability to national standards. HORIBA ATS deliberately relies on the market and technology leader for torque reference transducers. As well as their extreme accuracy, TB2 reference transducers are particularly noted for their very low sensitivity to parasitic influences such as bending moments and lateral forces. The enclosed geometry of the measuring body also reduces to a minimum the consequences of environmental influences on the measurement results, such as temperature variations.

HORIBA ATS broke new ground in the general design of the TORQCAL system. A double gimbal arrangement consisting of a lever with a spherical bearing and a non-interacting multiple disc coupling, supported in simple and precise alignment by a system of fits, causes parasitic influences to be decoupled. It is fixed in position by a compact adjustment device with adjusting nuts. This allows pure torque to be applied to the TB2 reference transducer, free from lateral forces and bending moments.

A compact pneumatic cylinder controlled by proportional valves ensures automatic torque generation. This guarantees highly stable torque, which is imperative for meaningful calibration.