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High-accuracy load cells ensure quality control in numerous Chinese cement plants

The largest construction company in China, XCMG, has embarked on a development program to optimize the quality control in its cement mixing plants by fitting a selection of HBM load cells. Some 150 plants will have been fitted by the end of 2012 while a further 200 plants will be built and fitted to the same specifications during 2013.

Every cement mixing plant will be fitted with a combination of 12 sets of HBM’s S-Type load cell, a Z6 load cell and seven sets of HBM’s HLC load cell.

The stainless steel S-Type load cell, which benefits from an IP68 degree of protection, has an accuracy class of up to C4 and the laser-welded load cells can measure from 50 kg to 5 tonne to ensure consistent and optimal quality control in every plant.

The Z6 bending beam load cell from HBM is used primarily as a weighing component for industrial scales because of its exceptional accuracy of up to C6 class and its ability to function in the harshest of manufacturing regimes with its IP68 degree of protection.

With maximum capacities from 200 kg up to 10 tonne, the HLC load cell provides legal-for-trade measurements at the cement plants. In common with the other load cells being supplied, its robust IP68 design has an accuracy of up to C6. The HLC benefits from a noise insensitive 6-wire arrangement making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. In addition, the load cell is available as an ATEX version for use in potentially explosive atmospheres such as can be found in cement plants.

HBM has developed a strong presence in China based on its factory at Suzhou, 100 km west of Shanghai. The factory, which has been producing high-quality load cells for the global market since 1997, acts as the nucleus for HBM’s sales success in China and Asia.