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QuantumX in the field test: How can the design of auger-drilling machines be improved?

Kai Le Vehicle Co is implementing the use of HBM’s modular QuantumX data acquisition system to improve its technologies for investigating possible design improvements. The decision follows a series of demanding tests to hydraulically operated, cantilevered, heavy-duty, auger-drilling machines.

Kai Le Vehicle Co – which produces more than 6,000 units each year – decided that optimum results could be obtained from field tests with various loads applied to the cantilever arm of the auger-drilling machine. These requirements demanded equipment that was very robust and capable of accurate measurements in harsh ambient conditions.

The challenge

In addition power constraints meant that the supplied DAQ system needed to be battery operated with a continuous service life of at least four hours.

Additional equipment needed included strain gages and other sensors to record and capture voltage, current and temperature as well. These requirements meant that a minimum of 40 channels was needed along with post-processing software for further data analysis.

The HBM solution

To meet these demands HBM supplied four of its MX840Auniversal amplifiers. These highly ruggedized, 8-channel amplifiers are compact and give outstanding flexibility, measurement performance and ease of use making them ideal for this application.

In addition a QuantumX MX1601 was supplied as this provides 16 individually configurable channels for active sensors. The amplifier offers sample rates up to 19.2 kS per channel and a bandwidth of up to 3 kHz. Each channel is electrically isolated and every channel has a 24-bit Delta Sigma A/D converter.

Each of the different modules in the QuantumX series benefit from Advanced Plug and Measure along with automatic transducer and sensor identification via TEDS making system configuration easy. In addition all QuantumX modules benefit from a comprehensive software package including the free QuantumX Assistant.

To complement the QuantumX modules, HBM also supplied a CX27 gateway module to provide real-time data acquisition using EtherCAT for reliable results.

A locally sourced Lithium battery cell was provided for the mobile power supply as this exceeded the customer’s requirements.

The resulting configuration supports a maximum of 48 channels for data recording across a wide range of operational parameters. All channels are simultaneously acquired via internal bus with the measured data transferred via Ethernet protocol into a PC or laptop utilizing the CX27 gateway module.

The analysis of the results is carried out using HBM’s nCode GlyphWorks. This is a modular system enabling visualization and data manipulation along with frequency spectrum analysis and filtering capability.

Notes Zhang Yu Ming, HBM’s Business Development Manager for Test & Measurement in Shanghai, “We are really pleased to be able to support Kai Le Vehicle Co with this robust equipment that has proved reliable and very accurate in field tests”. He adds that HBM’s ability to supply a turnkey solution that utilized locally sourced components ensured that the customer was completely satisfied.