Mobile Data Acquisition in the Field

Vehicles and their components undergo numerous test runs from the conception of the idea to when they are ready for production: from "virtual load tests" conducted on the computer through tests in test stands to mobile tests in the field (road load data acquisition). The vehicles and components under test are subjected to real conditions of use. They are sometimes exposed to extreme ambient and temperature conditions. Whether you are testing cars, construction machines, or trains, each vehicle places special demands on field testing and requires testing in line with the target application.

HBM provides flexible testing and measuring solutions for deployment in mobile data acquisition:

  • Many sensors are available to facilitate the acquisition of different physical quantities.
  • Rugged data recorders (SomatXR, Somat eDAQXR, QuantumX), optimized for utilization in harsh environments allow mobile data acquisition reliably and safely.
  • Cutting-edge software solutions (catman, nCode GlyphWorks) enable convenient online processing and analysis of the acquired data.

Users benefit from user-friendly, complete solutions for both road load data acquisition and dynamic vehicle testing.

Your Benefits

Rugged test equipment

  • Temperature range: -40 to +80 °C
  • IP65/IP67 degree of protection (dust, water)
  • Vibration-proof up to min. 10 g
  • Shock-proof up to 75 g
  • High signal quality due to tried and tested HBM carrier frequency technology
  • Significantly reduced signal interference due to the positioning of the amplifier close to the measuring points

Everything from a single source

  • Complete and perfectly matched measuring chains
  • Many sensors are available to facilitate the acquisition of different physical quantities
  • Rugged data acquisition systems are available for a wide range of different environments and topologies
  • Convenient software solutions:
    - catman facilitates professional visualization and analysis of the acquired data
    - nCode GlyphWorks allows fatigue-life and durability analysis
  • Wide range of electrical strain gauges can be available at short notice

User-friendly solution

  • Universal interfaces ensure a flexible system setup and easy integration
  • Can be used for centralized or distributed system topologies
  • Modular and expandable
  • Can be used for supervised or unsupervised testing
  • Convenient operation, due to its user-friendly software solutions
  • A web interface provides direct access to measurement data at any time and any place

Typical Applications

Road Load Data Acquisition (RLDA)

Road load data acquisition aims to create a file that contains the test vehicle’s compressed mechanical load data. To achieve this, measuring wheels and strain gauges as well as displacement and pressure transducers at the chassis, axles, wheel suspensions, or other components are being deployed. Data is acquired from test tracks that simulate typical road conditions and surfaces.

Functional Testing

This involves analyzing different standardized vehicle maneuvers on the test track or on public roads to optimize the vehicle’s handling, noise, vibration, or overall performance.

Ride and Handling

This refers to vehicle testing in general, based on different standardized vehicle maneuvers on the test track or on public roads to optimize the vehicle’s handling, noise, vibration, or overall performance.

Safety and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Whether you are observing driver monitoring, reaction tests, or automated driving systems,  in these tests, safety and convenience are the top priorities. A data acquisition system with full Ethernet support facilitates stable wireless local area networking, and thus connection in an autonomous car.

Vehicle Dynamics Testing

The vehicle dynamics are tested to compare vehicle performance on the road or to gather additional data for correlating multiple-body simulation models with real field data to enhance the development of virtual prototypes.

Vehicle Fleet Testing and Monitoring

This refers to the monitoring of vehicles during driving to acquire information such as position, sensors, and bus communication. Applications are being analyzed and faults investigated to derive product enhancements and facilitate the maintenance of vehicles or tracks.

catman DAQ Software - Screenshot Gallery


HBM provides GPS receivers for

  • 5 Hz (EGPS-5HZ)
  • 18 Hz (GPS-USB-18HZ)
  • 200 Hz (EGPS-200)

Additionally, standard solutions with a USB, RS232, and CAN interface are available.


Data acquisition systems from HBM support different types of available cameras. Depending on the data recorder, an Ethernet- or USB-based version can be selected. Please refer to the respective operating manuals for more details.

HBM provides an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for all its mobile DAQ systems such as:

  • SomatXR (UPX002)
  • QuantumX (UPX001)
  • Somat eDAQ (UPS)

Case Studies

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