Find the right accessory suitable to your measurement or testing task. Choose between signal conditioning module, adapter for single strain gauges and other additional accessories.

QuantumX SCM-HV Signal Conditioning Module

The QuantumX SCM-HV signal conditioning module enables voltages up to 300 V CAT II to be measured with QuantumX series amplifiers. Voltages in AC- or DC-fed machines, electromagnetic actuators, and batteries can be acquired. The instrument ensures safe operation with low voltage signals (mains).

The device inputs are protected against voltage peaks. The signal conditioner is automatically identified by the amplifier via TEDS. Users benefit from cost-effective expansion of existing universal inputs and can now acquire electrical, mechanical and thermal quantities in parallel and synchronously with CAN signals.


  • Low-voltage measurement on high voltage potentials
  • Protection of device inputs against voltage peaks
  • Safe operation at low voltage in compliance with IEC and VDE standards
  • Low-voltage measurement that goes beyond 60V solutions

QuantumX SCM-SG120/350/700/1000 Adapter for Measuring Single Strain Gauges

The QuantumX universal data acquisition system provides adapters for measuring single strain gauges in quarter bridge 3-wire configuration. The adapter completes the quarter bridge to a strain gage full bridge. The four different adapters are available for 120, 350, 700 or 1000 Ohm strain gages or resistors and can be directly plugged into the D-SubHD 15p socket of modules like MX840/B, MX440/B, MX410B or MX430B.

Installation and parameterization is very easy: Solder the three wires in the adapter and plug it onto the amplifier. All required parameters such as bridge and gauge factor, bridge excitation, physical unit, and calibration data can be directly stored in the TEDS of the adapter via software.

  • Easy upgrading of existing functionality
  • Fast parameterization (TEDS)
  • Shunt calibration (reference signal)

Additional Accessories

  • Backplane – (BPX001)
  • Backplane for rack mounting - (BPX002)
  • Mounting case clips (CASECLIP)
  • Mounting case protection (CASEPROT)
  • AC-DC Power supply – (NTX001)
  • Power supply cable - (KAB271-3)
  • Strain gauge connection in quarter-bridge circuit (SCM−SG120 / 350 /700/ 1000)
  • External temperature compensation (THERMO−MXBOARD)
  • Adapter BNC to DSubHD - (SUBHD15-BNC)
  • SubHD15 Port Saver – (SUBHD15-SAVE)
  • Thermo Mini Typ K or Typ T with TEDS - (THERMO-MINI)
  • Push-In Connector – (CON-S1015)
  • Ethernet cable CAT5+ - (KAB239)
  • FireWire module to module - (KAB272)
  • FireWire module to PC – (KAB293)
  • FireWire 1394b PC-CARD – (IF001)
  • FireWire 1394b expressCard/34 – (IF002)
  • Signal Conditioning Module FireWire-Extender (SCM−FW-EXT)
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