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Quality control for switching devices

Switching on and off reliably – over the entire service life of a switching device. Guaranteeing this is the task of end-of-line test benches in switching device manufacturing.

The PMX shows its strengths in this application. Two test tasks have to be handled, both in strict real time. First, the haptics of the switching device have to be recorded. This is done by measuring and monitoring the force-distance signals when the switching device is activated. The four-channel PX455 measurement card for full and half bridges, force transducers and load cells, records these parameters to ensure reliable processes and makes them available to system control via real-time-capable fieldbuses. The PX401 four-channel measurement card is also available for analog input signals and active sensors.

The electrical function must also be ensured. To do this the signals of the switching contacts are read into the PMX via the PX878 combo input/output card and overlaid with force-distance signals. The switching device does not receive a quality seal unless the two criteria – haptics and switching function – match.

For reasons of economy, it must be possible to test as many types of switching devices in a short time as possible. Thanks to the 1000 internal parameter sets of the PMX, this is no problem. The PMX and the entire EoL test bench is controlled via ProfiNet (IRT), which maximizes the speed of component tests and minimizes installation time and expense. catman®AP, the convenient measurement data acquisition software from HBM. can be used for saving quality data. Then all the measurement signals can be saved and visualized.