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Tailor-Made for the Food Industry

Bilwinco is a leading manufacturer of multi-head weighing, with headquarters in Skanderborg, Denmark, where the first multi-head weigher was invented and introduced to the market back in the early 1960s. Today, the weighers are used broadly in the packaging industry across the world, thanks to their fast speed and high precision in fixed weighing of portions.

With the unique design of the multi-head weigher, products can be distributed across multiple weighing units with the help of vibration and centrifugal force, rather than individually from the conveyor belt. This is particularly advantageous in the food industry, where any product can be moved efficiently and carefully, including products that are difficult to handle such as wet, sticky, or delicate foods like fish, meat, or vegetables.

High Demands on the Weighing Equipment

In 2012, when developing the Revolution series, new type of multihead weigher, Bilwinco faced the challenge of developing a suitable load cell for its new design, which was customized for the food industry. Bilwinco had several requirements for their load cell. It had to be reliable and deliver very precise standardized weighing within a few grams. Finally, it required an aseptic design that could meet the highest hygiene standards.

Sought and Found: PW27

Measurement technology specialist HBM recommended to Bilwinco its new patented load cell, PW27, which comes in a smooth, hygienic, stainless steel design with an antibacterial surface.  PW27 is also approved for food handling according to EHEDG’s (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) long checklist for components within hygienic design. This certification assures that the load cell meets the guidelines of the European Machinery Directives.

"The PW27 load cell gave the best results in our new multihead weighers. It delivers up to 220 weighings per minute with an accuracy that reduces product giveaway significantly. Thorough testing carried out by the Danish Technological Institute showed that the load cell was also the best match for hygiene,” says Claus Pedersen, CEO of Bilwinco.

Hygienic and Rugged

“At the time, the load cell PW27 was not yet introduced to the market. It was the result of a new R&D project at HBM, based on the latest technologies," explains sales engineer Henrik Bache Jensen from HBM Denmark. He continues: "In addition to meeting the highest hygienic standards, the PW27 load cell is hermetically encapsulated. It meets the IP68 and IP69 standards and provides protection against ingress of dust and water, and is very resistant to high pressure, high temperature, and water pressure. This means that the load cell is easy to clean with high-pressure cleaning. It has an overload protection of 1000% per load cell, which makes it extremely durable. This results in fewer replacements and minimal downtime, which saves time and allows for production safety with a high microbiological quality."

"Multihead weighers in the Revolution series are currently used by several large Danish food producers. They have proven to be incredibly stable and have met the requirements and expectations for a fast, accurate and reliable weighing solution for food production”, Claus Pedersen from Bilwinco concludes.

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