Input Card for 32 Channels: GN3211

The GN3211 input card offers an excellent, price-efficient solution for 32 channels:

In differential mode, the card can be used in electrically noisy environments. The CMRR of the true differential amplifiers ensures high signal fidelity.

When using the passive voltage probe and/or the current clamp options, the card can be used as an entry-level electrical-input amplifier to measure high voltages and currents. Calibrating the probes and clamps with the channels and storing calibration results in the Perception Sensor Database can increase the accuracy well above the accuracy rating of the probe or clamp.

In single-ended mode, the data acquisition card can serve as a cost-effective input for preconditioned signals to be recorded with the GEN DAQ series of products.

Application features such as excellent bandpass flatness up to a 20 kHz bandwidth ensure phase alignment and accurate amplitude measurements.

Key Features

  • 32 analog channels
  • Balanced differential inputs
  • ± 10 mV to ± 20 V input range
  • Digital Bessel and Butterworth low pass filters
  • 20 kS/s sample rate
  • 16 bit resolution
  • Digital Event support
  • Up to ± 10 kV input range using passive probe (option)
  • Up to ± 1.2 kA input range using current clamp (option)
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