Formula Student: Innovation in the Fast Lane

The High Octane Motorsports e.V. Formula Student team from Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany has been able to measure torque in the power train of its FauMax Zeta racing car since Spring of 2013. They are supported by HBM and Datatel Telemetry.

Most Innovative Powertrain

An Aprilia SXV 550 V2 combustion engine, installed longitudinally, is used in the Formula Student team's racing car. With this engine and the derived packaging -- the optimal distribution of power train components in the vehicle -- the High Octane Motorsports team has attracted much attention in the world of Formula Student over recent years. The team was awarded Tognum AG's coveted prize for the Most Innovative Powertrain for two consecutive years.

High Octane Motorsports, in cooperation with HBM and Datatel Telemetry, was one of the first Formula Student teams to successfully implement live torque measurement in their power train last year. For this purpose, typeXY2/XY4 strain gauges were glued to the Faumax Zeta's carbon drive shafts. A Datatel telemetry transmitter is used to power the strain gauges and transmit the sensor data to the associated telemetry receiver. The signal data is stored in the engine control unit for analysis during and after the race. Both the strain gauges and the telemetry unit enable the racing team to record precise, interference-free power train data at high resolution, both in terms of time and quantity.

Knowledge for the Future

The resulting knowledge gained about load peaks in the power train enables High Octane Motorsports to further optimize the individual power train components'  features in terms of light-weight design and stiffness. The racing team, again in cooperation with HBM, will take stress and strain measurements in its new FauMax Eta car's chassis in the coming season. HBM will provide all the required sensors.

The cooperation between High Octane Motorsports and HBM allows future engineers to gain insight into HBM's wide range of applications and products. New applications of HBM products, as well as new experiences, are being realized.

High Octana Motorsports

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