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QuantumX: Unlimited Data Acquisition Possibilities

Using the modular QuantumX measuring amplifier system from HBM, you can record a wide range of different measurement variables reliably and precisely. Numerous sensor technologies and signal inputs are supported. And now the range of QuantumX has become even more universal with a functional expansion of the hardware and a fundamental advancement in the module software.

Functional Hardware Expansion

QuantumX now supports Precision Time Protocol (PTP), the new global standard for recording information via Ethernet with a precise time reference. This allows even more flexible application scenarios in the system configuration of distributed or combined devices.

Another equally important parameter is the amount of digital information returned by a measurement channel in one second. And by providing "smooth" decimal data rates, it makes it much easier to analyze 10,000 or 100,000 measured values per second in context with other decimal measured values. All modules are being equipped progressively with this new "B functionality."

TheQuantumX MX403B voltage measurement module offers four insulated differential measurement channels for direct measurement of voltage up to 1000 V AC or DC, for use in labs, on test benches, or in the field. Together with other measurement modules such as theMX840A universal amplifier, power and efficiency calculations of mechanical and electrical quantities are now possible.

New Firmware Runs Independently from Other Systems

At no additional cost to you, the new free firmware offers a great advantage. Thanks to data streaming, QuantumX can be integrated into almost any system environment.  This will allow you to record faster, more easily and more transparently than ever before.

The extensive Linux drivers and catman powerful data acquisition software from HBM have also been devised. They now support all new functions, leading the way for the QuantumX to set new standards and meet the most challenging requirements of test and measurement applications.

The Latest Developments

Precise time information is especially important in distributed systems used for test and inspection. However, methods used in the past for synchronization of distributed clocks in a network have not been very precise or are very difficult to implement. Based on Ethernet, a global communication standard, Precision Time Protocol (PTP) eliminates these weaknesses.

PTP is a powerful network protocol for synchronizing the clock times of devices networked via Ethernet. The most accurate clock within a PTP network is designated as the master. It transmits the time signal from communicating clocks to its slaves to determine the delay and adjust clocks locally. PTP also has synchronization accuracy in the sub-microsecond range and requires almost no administrative overhead with only minimal system requirements. The network protocol is described in IEEE 1588:2008 as an international standard.

Synchronous analysis across multiple devices

PTP ensures that distributed data recorded from different devices can be compared. A consistent synchronization mechanisms using the Precision Time Protocol makes it possible to compile data from different device families easily and analyze the data synchronously. One example is integrating the QuantumX temperature measurement module MX1609KB into Genesis HighSpeed.