Easy access to all production data with the PMX web server

HBM measuring amplifier optimizes production and testing processes

The industrial measuring amplifier PMX enables rapid integration in complete system and machine concepts, delivering numerous web-supported operating options.

Quality assurance and system integration of measurement technology are important cornerstones in industrial production and in End-of-Line test benches for the success of a product. HBM Test and Measurement has developed the measuring amplifier system PMX for this purpose. All production data can be accessed password-protected via a web browser using an Internet-capable end device. This guarantees an overview over the processes and ensures maximum security. The combination of Ethernet technologies and Internet enable uncomplicated remote maintenance. It is possible to access a test device at HBM in Darmstadt from around the world at http://pmxdemo.hbm.com.

The user can parameterize the system within seconds using an upgradeable sensor database in the data acquisition software. Measurements during start up and for quality control can be immediately visualized and recorded. In addition, the free driver package enables simple integration within existing software and therefore within the complete system or machine concept.

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