Demo software to read and write command and visualise measurement in Lab View using the PMX command

This short example considers a simple software demo for the PMX amplifier connected to a PC/ Labtop running LabView from National Instruments. The example is available in two different versions, for LabView V2012 and V2011.

Run example

  • To run the example start LabView, load the project “PMXCommandSetDemo.lvproj” and open the
  • VI“”. Start the example by pressing the button.
  • In the example, a connection to a PMX via the Ethernet (TCP/IP) is established. Use the field “IP-Addresse” to insert the IP-address of the connected PMX. Than press the “Connect” button. If the connection is established, the light shines light-green.
  • In the “DAQ” page a signal from PMX can be selected for visualisation. Use the “Start” and “Stop” button to start and stop the visualisation/line-writer. There is no data-storage implemented.
  • In the “Command” page the user can send commands to the PMX and device the message back.
  • In the “Settings” page the user gets the WebBrowser from the PMX and has access to settings and Parameters.
  • The connection can be stopped using the “Disconnect” button.


The example given is intended to illustrate the integration of PMX into LabView via the PMX command-set. This example does not imply any warranty or guarantee.

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