Safety and quality from HBM for the weighing of heavyweights

HBM has expanded its product range with the weighing module C16/M for loads up to 400 t, reaching accuracy class D1 as per OIML R60.

The weighing modules C16/M, made by HBM Test and Measurement have been in use successfully for some time now for maximum capacities between 20 t and 200 t in the sector of silo, vehicle and container weighing. The integrated stay bar restraints of these modules absorb horizontal forces and the stable construction offers safety, even with very high wind loads.

A new module is now available for loads up to 400 t. This weighing module is also legal-for-trade and achieves protection class IP68. The self-centering stainless steel load cell C16A is used as the weighing element and reaches the accuracy class D1 as per OIML R60, even under a load of 400 t.

HBM offers extreme safety and the usual quality, even for extra-large silos and steel works, with this new weighing module.

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