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HBM torque transducer in headwind vehicle developed by University of Stuttgart

The World Championship for Ventomobiles (headwind vehicles) is held in Den Helder/Netherlands once a year. Team InVentus from the University of Stuttgart, equipped with a T22 torque transducer from HBM, was once again able to successfully participate in the Aeolus Race from August 18 to 24, 2014. 

Second place with 80 % of the wind speed

Nine vehicles from five nations were at the start. The fastest vehicle that could drive directly against the wind, with the wind from the surrounding area as a source of energy, was the winner. Team InVentus from the University of Stuttgart once again came in second, with nearly 80 percent of the wind speed, improving on their performance from the previous year by around 25 percent. The Canadian Team Chinook was superior and secured the victory. 

T22 torque transducer acquires rotor data

The data acquired using the T22 torque transducer sponsored by HBM was a crucial success factor in InVentus' earning second place. The transducer was installed directly downstream of the vehicle's rotor to allow direct retrieval of data about rotor power and behavior. This data enabled both the correct blade pitch to be determined and the driver to be trained and provided with specific advice.

Racing Aeolus Den Helder

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