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Millions of euros saved annually:

Digital load cells from HBM allow for highly accurate filling of coconut milk in China

Thanks to the digital load cells from HBM used by Chinese machine manufacturer Best Crown, it can offer its end customer Shanghai Dairy Milk savings in the millions of euros annually. The numbers are simple. Controlling the filling quantities in Best Crown machines more precisely reduces the "give-away" portion – the safety margin for guaranteeing that the filling weight indicated on the package is reached.

Given a growing domestic middle class with more sophisticated demands plus a host of new export opportunities, China's food industry has been in a strong growth phase for years. Efficiency and reliability in filling and packaging of foodstuffs are at the top of the agenda for end customers and machine manufacturers alike.

Best Crown, a Chinese machine manufacturing company, decided to use the FIT/5 load cell from HBM for a new coconut milk bottling machine – a decision that is paying off.

Precise weighing of coconut milk

With precise, digital weighing technology from HBM, Shanghai Dairy Milk was able to save several grams of coconut milk per bottle, which otherwise would have been added as a safety margin (the "give-away" portion) due to the inaccuracy of the measurement technology previously used. With over 100,000 bottles filled every day, this results in savings in material of  millions of euros per year.

Machines that save money

Both the end customer and the machine manufacturer benefit from these savings. Best Crown Machinery is proud to provide its demanding customer with machines featuring excellent quality which not only operate reliably, but also save money through intelligent selection of components. In this way Best Crown Machinery is developing a significant competitive advantage in the highly competitive packaging machines market.

"Our digital load cells are reliable standard components that are easy to install in machines. With their accuracy and wide range of functions, they can significantly boost efficiency in bottling and packaging of foodstuffs," explains HBM Product Manager for digital weighing technology in China.

Setting new records: The new generation of digital load cells

And there's still more: With the new generation of digital load cells, HBM products for use in filling and packaging machines are setting new records in strain gauge-based weighing technology.

An optimum combination of price, accuracy and ultra-modern filter functions in the corresponding PanelX software offers the machine manufacturer and end customer significant efficiency gains and cost savings in food production. Hygienic load cells of the PW25, PW27 and PW29 families are recommend for especially strict hygienic requirements.