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Precision couplings for HBM torque transducers

Couplings for torque transducers are a key accessory. A torque flange is a precision transducer that enables very small uncertainties of measurement to be attained. However, certain requirements need to be met to achieve this. One of the most important is to minimize the parasitic loads affecting the transducer which, among other things, result from alignment errors in the drive train.

Offset compensation is the main task of offset couplings

Besides precise torque transfer, the main task of a coupling consists of offset compensation. In nearly all practical applications, these offsets occur between the driving and the driven side. They result from dimensional tolerances in the components used as well as from external influences such as temperature that prevent complete elimination of the offsets.

  • Axial offset
  • Radial offset
  • Angular offset

Our video provides an example of how to use a double coupling and of how it works in the context of a torque transducer.

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