HBM integrates additional measured quantities into measurement processes

The new version of the catman data acquisition and analysis software can be combined with the QuantumX universal measurement electronics system from HBM to create an efficient complete solution for a wide range of measurement tasks.

Because of increasing customer demand for the most comprehensive examination of measurement objects possible, a large number of measured quantities must be included within measurements. That was the impetus for HBM Test and Measurement to develop a basic solution for sound analysis.

In addition to mechanical, electrical and thermal measured quantities, the QuantumX measurement electronics system together with the catman data acquisition software now also records acoustic measured quantities on a basic level in measurement processes. Costs per test sample are reduced and the efficiency of the measurement increases. The solution forms a dBA weighting of acoustic signals simultaneously with the measurement in the new catman version 4. A new 2D color/frequency spectrum makes it possible to analyze dynamic signals over time. The user can quickly create FFT analyses simply by marking the relevant range of the signal in the analysis. Once the acoustic signals have been recorded, they can also be converted into an audio file (*.wav format).

All of this gives users performing measurement tasks an even more comprehensive view of measurement objects in a shorter time, leading to an end effect of enhanced quality in the final product.

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