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SomatXR used for testing electric locomotives

The customer is a main producer of electric locomotives in China and the state designated company of mass transit vehicles. The main products sold include electric locomotives and mass transit vehicles. Moreover, the company also extends its business into rail engineering vehicles, electrical equipment and braking systems. Its test center is specialized in testing all parts of the electric locomotive including drive power transformer, electric motor, transmission gearbox, car body strength etc.

The requirements for a data acquisition system

The customer wanted a Data Acquisition (DAQ) system that can be used both as a distributed system and also a centralized system. The device must be portable, compact and rugged - suitable for in-vehicle test under harsh conditions and able to supply excitation voltage for pressure transducers. The engineers needed to test the stress, temperature, pressure, revolution and vibration of the gear box of locomotives.

The HBM solution

According to the system requirements, we recommended our rugged DAQ, SomatXR series.
The powerful SomatXR data acquisition system is specially developed for use in harsh environments. The modules provide a wide temperature range and are protected from humidity, dust, shock and vibration.

The data acquisition system provides a web interface for simple operation without any software installation. This allows for convenient channel parameterization, monitoring of measurement jobs and visualization of measured data far away from the measuring point. In total, we offered ten different modules and related accessories.

Why the customer chose HBM

The customer chose the SomatXR series due to its flexible, scalable and distributable capabilities. This reliable system can directly connect the IEPE and voltage drive transducers. After conducting a trial test, the customer was completely convinced that HBM's solution is easy to use, universal and reliable.

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