Optimized torque measurements in engine test benches

HBM enables more efficient engine tests for the automotive industry with the PMX industrial measuring amplifier system. Noise-free measurement processes and precise process control are two key advantages.

The goal is to continue developing the performance of current and future engines so they will meet future standards based on their fuel efficiency, and also to enable innovative leaps in testing and production engineering.

With the PMX measuring amplifier system, HBM Test and Measurement (HBM) is developing a precise, noise-free measurement technology platform for improving the performance of engines.

New filtering and scaling options for torque measurements allow for accurate usage in partial range mode. The torque sensor can be scaled in PMX using the highly accurate polynomial characteristic curve or characteristic table with automatic detection of clockwise/counterclockwise motion.

HBM has implemented the CASMA filter (Crank Angle Synchronous Moving Average) for PMX with a moving average over the angle of rotation. For example, the new filter design is used to form the crank angle synchronous moving average for determining cylinder-dependent torque distribution.

PMX generates characteristic quantities such as power, mean and peak values and also torque control using the PID controller. The PMX measuring amplifier system with its open communication interfaces, combined with powerful HBM torque sensors, ensures efficient test processes for automotive applications.

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