Why Register With HBM.com? Why Register With HBM.com? | HBM

You can access these downloads for free - via your user name (= your email address) and password.

Your Benefits:

  • Convenient access to your newsletter management - choose your preferences for HBM newsletters
  • Your sales engineer is just one click away. You no longer have to type in your address data for inquiries to HBM - your email address is sufficient!
  • You can use the same access data for the website and for a user account in our online shop.
  • Your data is safe, and will not be sold, shared and released. 

Questions & Answers

Why do I have to register again even though I already previously had access to the downloads on HBM.com?

To comply with the most stringent requirements of data protection and data privacy we have introduced a completely new registration process requiring a password. All other access data has been deleted. We therefore ask you to register again. The introduction of the password is an additional safety factor for you.

I have not received the confirmation email. What can I do?

Please check your junk mail filter and add HBM to the safe senders list in your email program.

I would like to change my password.

Please sign in. Then go to: Change Password

I forgot my password.

Go to: Request New Password

Whom can I ask for help?

Contact your local sales office.