Measurement Technology 4.0 – Optimize Your Production Processes

More and more companies are focusing on digitization for boosting the effectiveness of their industrial production. The aim is to use sensors, decentralized control units and IT in the future to monitor and control even complex production processes in near real time. This increases transparency of the sequences and reduces storage costs as just-in-sequence materials can be ordered and processed. At the same time, processes are becoming more flexible, so that the production of everything from small batch sizes to individual parts (batch size of one) thus becomes economically viable. Manufacturers of customized products can change and adjust their production process a lot easier and faster based on the “Plug and Produce” concept.

Sensor data thus provides the raw material for production plants in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The acquisition of measurement data, as well as further processing and transfer of it to higher-level control units is being completed at increasingly faster speeds. [...]

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Measurement Technology 4.0 with ClipX


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