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The C15 Reference Force Transducer Allows Calibration with Capacities from 2.5 kN to 1 MN

The C15 reference force transducer is a robust (EMC-tested, rustproof, impact and vibration-tested) shear-force transducer with nominal (rated) measuring ranges between 2.5 kN and 1 MN. The C15 meets the requirements of accuracy class 00 per ISO376 in an exceptionally wide measuring range from 10% to 100% of the respective capacity.

Thanks to the sensor’s very high output signal – more than 4 mV/V, with the versions featuring capacities of 25 kN and higher – the full measuring range of the amplifier can be utilized. This guarantees a high resolution and an exceptional signal-to-noise ratio.

  • Accuracy class to ISO376: 00
  • HBM accuracy class: 0.02…0.05
  • Nominal (rated) measuring range: 2.5 kN…1 MN

The sister model of the C15, the U15 reference force transducer, is ideal for reference force measurements with tensile and compressive forces.

Highest accuracy class

  • Meets the requirements of class 00 per ISO 376 in an exceptionally wide measuring range between 10% and 100% of its capacity for compressive forces
  • Eccentricity adjustment: Optimized accuracy even for measurements in different mounting positions or with eccentric force application
  • Can be used as a reference transducer for compressive forces up to 1 MN
  • Very high output signal of up to 4.5 mV/V; can be adjusted, on request, to 3 mV/V to make full use of the amplifier's input range
  • Excellent signal-to-noise ratio

Precise measurements in an exceptionally wide measuring range

Individually configurable

  • Numerous easy-to-order options, TEDS chip, double bridges, rated output adjustment
  • Practical accessories available, thrust pieces per ISO376
  • On request, we can perform measurement-chain calibrations
  • HBM has suitable measuring amplifiers available that are ideally matched to the C15 in terms of the input range

Match the measurement system perfectly to the application – with well-engineered accessories, the right amplifiers, and calibration services

Robust and fast

  • High rigidity, low deformation under load, and good dynamic behavior
  • Robust due to the IP67 degree of protection and hermetic welding
  • Low temperature coefficient of the zero signal and low sensitivity to temperature gradients

Reliably masters dynamic calibration tasks in and outside of the laboratory

Extensive range of accessories

  • TEDS
  • Thrust pieces per ISO 376
  • Various connection cables in different, practical lengths and with plugs, soldered on for connection to the amplifier, on request

For more information please refer to the data sheet.

A complete measuring chain: Perfect precision for a perfect price.

The combination of the reference transducer U15 and the precision measuring amplifier module QuantumX MX238B results into an extremely cost-effective precision measuring chain. Thanks to the modular design of the QuantumX modules, you can also easily extend this measuring chain by a number of additional measuring variables, e.g. Temperature, voltage, angle of rotation.

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