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Patrik Ott studied nuclear physics in Mainz and holds a graduate degree in physics. He has been part of the Academy team since 2016 and is mainly in charge of the topics of strain gauges, EMC & electrical technology, as well as data acquisition. He is a big fan of technology and outer space and is also a passionate dancer.

4 Questions for Patrik:

What is your favorite topic at the Academy?

Electromagnetic compatibility – so EMC – for measurement engineers. The topic is very scientifically and technically demanding and is somewhat new to the world of measurement technology. ​

Why are you a trainer?

I am just excited about the topic and want to share that.​

Could you describe your training style?

Passionate, energetic – with improvisation and spontaneity added in. I am glad to explain things in my own words and will answer questions directly. Every crew is a little different and I adapt to that.

Final question: What do you like the most about your job as a trainer?

I generally find technology and science to be very exciting. They make life worthwhile. It is all about knowledge, digging deep, taking a look behind the curtain, having that “aha moment”. At HBM, I am especially fond of the data acquisition system Genesis HighSpeed, because it is so fast and precise. 


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