Modal Analysis using Hammer or Shaker Excitation

Date & Time

 Friday, May 15, 2020      02:00 PM CET       English

In modal analysis a model of the dynamic properties of a structure is created. The model is described by a set of modal parameters from which the structural behaviour can be predicted in different situations. Modal analysis is used in a wide variety of applications from securing structural integrity to improving comfort. 
Modal analysis has traditionally been performed by exciting the structure with a measured force using either a hammer or one or more shakers, and measuring the responses using accelerometers. This is often referred to as Classical Modal Analysis to distinguish it from Operational Modal Analysis using non-measured ambient or self-generated excitation.

This webinar is the forth in a series of structural dynamics webinars. Previous webinar recordings available: Introduction to Structural Dynamics Measurements and Analysis, Operating Deflection Shapes Analysis, Operational Modal Analysis (OMA).


The webinar will:

  • Introduce the idea of modal analysis;
  • Give an overview of frequently used excitation signals;
  • Describe how to perform measurements using impact hammer or shaker excitation;
  • Explain how to use mode indicator functions;
  • Give an overview of modal parameter identification techniques;
  • Describe how to validate the obtained modal parameters.


Niels-Jørgen Jacobsen

Product Manager - Structural Dynamics Solutions


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Modal Analysis using Hammer or Shaker Excitation

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