How to Deal with Ground and Earth in Measurement How to Deal with Ground and Earth in Measurement | HBM

What Effects Earth and Mass Have on the Quality of Your Measurement Results

This episode of the HBK Expert Talk is about the separation of earth and ground: A topic that at first sight does not have so much to do with measurement technology. But nevertheless, the exact differentiation of earth and mass has important effects on the quality of your measurement results. Why this is so, and which calculations you should make, is explained to you by HBK Academy trainer Patrik Ott. As always full of enthusiasm, easy to understand - and technically well founded. Have fun learning! 

In this episode of HBK Expert Talk you will learn...

  • ... what the differences between earth and ground are - and why it is so important for your measurement projects to keep both separate! 
  • ... what "ground" really means 
  • ... why an "ideal technological setup" only exists in theory (or when everything is switched off) - and how you can deal with the imperfect real technological conditions
  • ...what you should NEVER do under ANY circumstances during your measurements when it comes go earth and ground. 

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