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Dorothée Mohr is trained as an administrative assistant and has worked in fields as varied as regional marketing, the tourism industry, and training for kitchen planning software. She has been responsible for seminar coordination and organization at the Academy for over ten years and is the point of contact for participants and customized seminars. She likes to spend her free time with friends and family.

4 Questions for Dorothée:

From kitchen planning software to measurement technology – how did that come about?

After five years of kitchen planning, I was looking for a change of scene. HBM had just posted an opening for a seminar coordinator at the Academy. I know what participants need, but also know the trainer's end of things. It was the perfect fit. When I started at the Academy, the showroom was just being built and I was able to jump right in. ​

What would you say defines a successful event?

It should be fun. I also like to pay attention to the details: If I see that participants have certain needs, I will give the trainer notice so he can address it. Emotions are the catch. That’s why I want all seminar participants to feel at ease as soon as they enter the campus. That’s what we do. ​

Is it essential for measurement technology to be fun too?

I think it can definitely be fun, if you work with it every day. That makes the work easier. ​

Final question: What was your best Academy experience?

I am happy when the participants are happy. It is nice to get positive feedback or see regular customers again. 


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